Thanks & Spanks for 1-3-14

THANKS, writes a reader, to all those who delivered food and beverages to our family, either at the hospital or to the funeral home. Your generosity has been overwhelming. Our family is truly blessed by all the love and prayers.

SPANKS, writes a reader, to all residents who complain to managers for stupid reasons. You’re putting people’s jobs in jeopardy by tattling and complaining over petty things.

THANKS, writes a reader, to those who try so hard to make Newell look so festive. Thanks, especially, to Dave Atkinson for hanging the winter flags, Wayne Six enterprises for the use of his equipment and Mitch and Nancy Nixon for their creative talents on the Laurel Hollow entrances. SPANKS, though, to those who find it necessary to vandalize their hard work.

THANKS, writes a reader, for the 25 blood donors who waited in line Dec. 31 to give the gift of life at the Sacred Heart Ladies’ Guild and Chester Arts Club blood drive. There are so many lives you have saved. THANKS, also, to volunteers Sue Boston, Mary Ann Wright, Donna Stevens, JoAnn Six, Kathy Glass and Casey Highfield for their time and dedication to their friends and community at the blood drive.

THANKS, writes a reader, to the area’s road crews who do their best in making sure our roads are passable during the winter months. SPANKS, though, to those who constantly bash these individuals/communities.