Growing up amid violence


No doubt psychologists, sociologists and other experts on behavior could provide theories in attempts to explain what happened one week ago in nearby Steubenville. But how is it possible to understand, by any human reasoning process, why someone would shoot a 2-year-old child and her mother? ...

No one asked me

Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor: Regarding the latest news that West Virginia ranks last in happiness ... No one asked me. Did anyone ask you? I have had enough of this business. If you object, speak up. Linda McNeil New Cumberland

Speak up, listen

Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor: John Maxwell said: “Where there is no hope in the future, there is no power in the present.” As we begin Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we turn our thoughts to victims and survivors of violent, abusive relationships. What empowers a victim to take a stand, to take a ...

Paying for new pain-relief ideas


Though awareness and changes in the law have resulted in a shift away from legally prescribed opiates as the primary factor in our current substance abuse crisis, they remain a concern. “Historically, for up to three decades, the opioid crisis was being driven by prescription medications ...

Thanks & Spanks

Thanks and Spanks

SPANKS, writes a reader, to certain residents in Chester, W.Va., who have overgrown and unkept yards. They should take more pride in their community and have respect for their neighbors. THANKS, writes a reader, to the employees of Bob Evans and the good samaritan who responded to a medical ...

Decisive police action earns praise


Your cellphone may have awakened you recently in the early morning hours. If you checked it, you learned an Amber Alert had been issued in connection with the disappearance of a 6-year-old boy. But within hours, law enforcement agencies had found the child. His mother, her parents and her ...

Practice safety during fall, winter months


After months in which the bedtime drill was to ensure the air conditioning was set for comfortable sleeping, the fall/winter heating season is upon us. Already, local residents have received a sharp reminder of the need to take precautions to keep our families safe. On Saturday, two pipeline ...

Keeping our schools safe for children


Life was much simpler for high school students in the past. They and their parents had to worry about keeping up in class, how they were doing in extracurricular activities and what was on the hot lunch menu. Add safety to that list for modern-day students. Beginning today, those in the ...

Keeping miners safe


Contrary to what some of our fellow Americans may think, West Virginians’ top priority regarding the coal industry is not ensuring as many miners as possible are working. It is keeping them safe. The state Office of Miners’ Health, Safety and Training may be able to do a better job of ...

Drug-dealing doc merited a long term


Dr. Tod Hagins, of Wintersville, in Jefferson County, apparently had little use for the traditional part of a physician’s creed, to “first, do no harm.” By appearances, Hagins was willing to pad his own pockets by adding to the misery of others. Hagins, 52, had the justice system book ...