Museum of Sycamore Shadows

Experience the culture and folkways of America’s most unusual small town when the Museum of Sycamore Shadows begins its 80th summer season on May 21.

Named one of the ten best small-town museums in the country by Folklust magazine. Admission to the museum is free. Limited parking is available at the Imaginactory but spaces can be found along Plane Tree Lane. Private tours are available by appointment, including the popular “Introvert’s Tour,” in which your guide follows at a distance and says nothing unless you ask a question.

Visitors may purchase refreshments at the restored Verter Beer Wagon, located on the grounds near the entrance. In addition to housing the Museum of Sycamore Shadows, the Imaginactory is a private residence.

Visitors should please respect the privacy of Mr. Wetzel by sparing him the discomfort of mindless chit-chat and small talk. While visitors are encouraged to walk the grounds of the estate, anyone found on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Imaginactory building or on the fire escape will be asked to leave the premises or will be shot, according to Mr. Wetzel’s mood on that day.

Both floors of the Museum are handicap accessible.

Are you confined to a wheelchair and tired of straining to see museum exhibits designed for standing patrons? When you visit the Museum of Sycamore Shadows, stop by the courtesy desk and ask about Skychairs, our unique, elevated wheelchairs, available for use at no charge while viewing the exhibits.

Designed by Sycamore Shadows resident Joseph Ballard in 2014, the Skychair raises anyone to the level of a six-footer, enabling them to view the exhibits as they were designed to be seen. Disabled Perambulator magazine named Skychairs “the greatest advancement in wheelchair technology since the foot rest.”

Because of their unique design, Skychairs are self-propelled only.

Patrons unable or unwilling to drive their own Skychair should contact the main desk and request a volunteer “skydriver.”

Skychairs are safe, having been in use since 2014 with only two major injuries, neither of which resulted in reconstructive surgery.

However, the museum requests that Skychair users show common sense by following these basic rules:

* Do not stand, lean, or attempt to tie your shoes.

* Slow down when negotiating corners.

* Avoid ramps & inclines.

* Wear protective equipment to reduce the risk of serious injury. Football helmets work well.

* Do not drink alcoholic beverages.

* Avoid sudden movements.

* If you are ambulatory, do not forget that you’re in a Skychair.

A short introductory film on Skychair safety, “Terrence Tipper, RIP,” is available upon request. Patrons may purchase their own Skychair, as well as protective equipment and first-aid supplies, at the museum gift shop located near the entrance.

After touring the museum, be sure to visit our gift shop, the Shadow Store, for the largest selection of books, locally produced products, and keepsakes. In addition to being the exclusive outlet for the Skychair, the Shadow Store is also the official store of the town of Sycamore Shadows and Craig Wetzel’s Imaginactory.

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