Local group forms to fight drug problem

The phrase “I wish there was something I could do,” seems to be tossed about freely, yet there never seems to be a great deal of substance behind it.

If you’ve ever uttered those same words, we have a suggestion – get involved with the newly-formed ODOHNoMore.

This community group, described as “citizens of the Ohio Valley coming together to stop drugs and drug addiction from destroying this community further” will conduct its first public meeting 7-8 p.m. Thursday at the Salvation Army, East Fourth Street, East Liverpool.

The group plans to battle the drug epidemic on three fronts:

* advocating, facilitating and funding drug awareness and education for young people;

* making information, transportation to rehab and recovery centers and employment available to recovering addicts;

* and working with law enforcement to form a neighborhood watch and act as a liaison between citizens with information and the police to try and remove drug dealers from the streets.

Various committees are to be formed, and the meeting Thursday will focus on what the group wants to accomplish. Plans also include to get more anti-drug programs in local schools.

It’s our hope that this group has a successful initial meeting that leads to a positive impact on the drug problem that is affecting our communities.

To find out more about ODOHNoMore, visit its Facebook site or attend the meeting Thursday.