This and that Part II

Candy Crush Saga is not taking over my life, but it’s beginning to frustrate me.

What is Candy Crush Saga? You don’t know? Really?

If you’ve never heard of it, I ask that you jump down a few paragraphs because it’s not something you need in order to survive in this world.

Those who are aware of CCS understand my plight. I want to stop, yet something keeps dragging me back.

Do I really need to connect three like shapes together in order to defeat a level? Is it necessary for me to traverse pieces of fruit around these shapes to advance? Does it make a difference if I can’t complete the task within the time limit?

The answer to all these life-altering questions is …. “yes.”

There have been similar games available, yet this one seems to have taken the world that is Facebook by storm.

For weeks, folks, I was stuck on Level 65. I just couldn’t advance. Hour by hour I tried. Day and Night.

Finally I gave in and spent some cash. Yes, this free game does allow one to purchase additional moves and other devices that make advancing a bit more easier.

Never, I told myself in the beginning. Never would I open my virtual wallet. Especially for a simple game.

But I caved.

It’s what they do – dangle that free carrot in front of you, but just a bit out of reach.

You struggle and come ever so close, but you’re never able to grasp it.

Then you get the offer. Toss them some cash and they’ll give you a taste.

Sounds like life, huh?

I’ve stopped on the money bit, though. Cold turkey. I won’t do it again. Made a promise to myself.

I’ve only spent less than $5, but that even seems silly.

Now I’m stuck on Level 70. And despite the additional lives and moves presented me by my loyal FB friends, I’m in limbo. The chocolate bars are destroying me. I’ve been close, within one jelly in fact, but I’ve failed to get over that hump.

I may never reach Level 71, but Candy Crush Saga will never see another dime from this guy.


n Heading to work one week ago today, traveling on Washington Street in front of the Antique Mall in downtown East Liverpool, I spot the following license plates: Illinois, New York, Virginia and Alabama.

n Yes, people, I know Boise is in Idaho. Mistakes happen – some just happen to appear in print.

n Both my father and Bill Gabbert recently told me the story of the old YMCA (on Fourth Street next to The Review) and how workout clothes were kept in a wire basket. Rarely laundered. You simply gave the attendant your key/number, he would present you with the basket and you put on the same clothes you’d worn several times before.

Apparently sometimes the shirt would be hardened in a ball-like form, due to “dampness” and the lack of folding, I assume. And often something had to be used to straighten it out before putting it through another workout.

Can you imagine the stench?

n Found online: Comments on previous columns . . .

From DLarry: Do Birthdays mean that much as one gets older….You bet they do. My whole family and many friends gathered two years ago for my 75th. my 77th was in April and I have several Great Grandchildren, all girls and a Great Grandson due in July. With any luck, I’ll get to meet him and that’s more than a lot of parents and Grand parents can say….Getting old ain’t for sissies but it sure beats the alternative.

There are several on dogsledding, go to to see what they say.

n Finally, Let’s Go Bucs!

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