On the move

I’ve made a move. Yes, I am leaving my corner office at The Review. Some may be surprised by this departure, while others, well, maybe not so much. After all, I’ve been holed up in that doorless, cool-in-the-winter and hot-in-the-summer, 8-by-10 space for more than 5 years.

It’s time for a change. We’ve had a nice ride, that office and me.

When I assumed leadership of this fine newsroom in February 2008, that space was a perk of the position. Many others before me took residence there, and I’m sure each have their own memories of its confined quarters.

I’m not sure how long the space housed this paper’s editor, but it did when I got my start back in the early 1990s, when then-editor Gary Housey interviewed me for what would become my first real job out of college.

I imagine the the late and legendary Glenn Waight worked his magic out of the office for a time, and I was lucky enough to have Waight sit with me in the same office after I was given the reins.

I’m the 14th managing editor at this newspaper since the cornerstone was placed in this building in 1950, and, amazingly, my tenure is the longest since Waight retired from fulltime newspaper work in 1987.

This building’s interior has changed a bit. Many things no longer are where they once stood. But for the most part, that corner office, the one with a view of the intersection at Fourth and Washington, has withstood the test of time.

Sure the windows, carpet and paint on the wall all changed since an editor first pecked away at typewriter in that office, but its original framing remains – although its inner walls were heighten to come flush with the drop ceiling.

There’s a blind on the window facing Washington, but it’s never down – mainly because that window to the outside world, one of two in the office, is the only one that opens somewhat easily.

Remnants of past eras remain in that office, stacked neatly on a bookshelf left by editors of the past, I assume. But it’s coming with me. The cactus didn’t make the move. Sorry Jen.

But I’m not dragging that shelf out the front doors, just across the newsroom

To some of my readers’ demise, I’m not leaving. I’ve been here too long to leave. I’m just pulling up roots, taking a few steps, and putting them right back down into a more spacious space at 210 East Fourth St.

No, not the publisher’s office digs. I’m taking ownership of a recently-vacated part of the newsroom, where I’ll continue to pound out the words in my best two-fingered style.

The former editor’s office, meanwhile, will be transformed into a meeting space for our staff, where they can experience the cool-in-the-winter and hot-in-the-summer climate that comes with it.

The phone number (330-385-4545) remains the same, as does the extension (129). Even my worn-in office chair made the move.

I’ll keep you posted on the date of the open house/ribbon-cutting. There might even be cake.

(Jim Mackey is managing editor of The Review. Reach him at jmackey@reviewonline.com)