I’m not much into resolutions. But I don’t have a problem with them, either, so go ahead and make yours – it is that time of year, after all.

To be honest, though, I can’t think of a resolution I’ve made that’s stuck. At the same time, I can’t remember making any resolutions – ever. I probably have, but with most thoughts that rattle in my brain it most likely was easily forgotten.

But why do we think as a new page is turned in our lives, aka a new year, that we must immediately start anew?

Can’t we make a resolution in March? Or July? How about September?

There’s too many resolutions out there to conquer, so why can’t we all have a bit of time to ponder what it is we’d like to overcome?

I’ve done the “lose weight” resolution. A few years back I went from 240 pounds to 191 – not by eating right, but by hardly eating. Try doing 1,200 calories a day. It’s not fun.

Now I hover around 220, which, according to most BMI calculators places me in the “overweight” category. No one wants to be overweight, but it sounds a lot better than “obese,” which I’m sure I fall into following a late-night fast food run.

Let’s be honest, the diet thing is tough. Eating is fun. I’m sure, like me, you all like food.

But I’m going to attempt the diet thing, in some manner. The jury is still out on when and how much. If it tastes good, why can’t we have seconds? … or thirds?

I’ve also tried the “exercise” thing. I enjoy this one. For much of 2012 it was lunch hour basketball three days a week and “Jump Stretch with Ethan” on the other two days. Then slowly the basketball dwindled to a couple times a week then to once in a while to now, well, never, it seems.

The jump stretch thing took a back seat to a softball-related injury that I’m still trying to overcome. This falls under the TMI category.

I’m sure I’ll find my way back to the Y, probably sooner than later. They continue to take my monthly payments without me being in attendance, so I out to get my money’s worth.

There’s a bunch more resolutions out there, some of which I don’t fall into because I don’t participate.

Some of you will attempt to quite smoking. Others will opt for eliminating drinking alcohol. And some will make this the year that you change your Facebook status from “single” to “in a relationship.”

There’s others who’ll choose to improve their finances, perhaps find a better job or add volunteerism to the resume.

Good luck with all of those.

Me? I know I’m going to watch what I eat – most likely from fork to mouth. I’m going to exercise – slowly at first, no doubt. And I’m going to enjoy life – with my kids, with my family and with my friends.

Enjoy 2013.

(Jim Mackey is managing editor of The Review. Reach him at