Dear Editor:

Whenever an article appears about the memo, I play the song, “The Backstabbers” by the O’Jays. With that being said, all Mueller need do is hold a presser, announce “I have proof” (of what), drop the mic and leave stage! The main stream media will dutifully roll out the empty barrel, scream into its chamber (for effect) and let the good times roll!

What democrat isn’t a spokesperson for what many of us believe to be a failed coup attempt in America. Despite what all view as the rather extraordinary efforts with the continuous waffling, I think that the reports democrats provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief.

Hmmm, willing suspension of disbelief, now who do we know made that comment!? Hillary Clinton to General Patraeus.

Took the Oath of Enlistment when joining the US Army. I swore to defend against the enemies of the Constitution, both foreign and domestic. Well, what is more soul shaking than having a conspiracy theory proven right. You know, the “us against them” dog whistle that has either the shadow government, the deep state, a “secret society” or just career bureaucrats plotting a coup. No wrong answer, right!?

One storyline that has popped up is how the POTUS has asked certain government leaders if they’re “on his side” or “are they with him.” This is played like the POTUS is looking for some kind of loyalty pledge, as though his is paranoid. Do ya’ think!?

In conclusion, for those who wonder how a “Banana Republic” sometimes works, or the standard third world (schizervoiden) country operates, this conspiracy is the perfect example. It is a conspiracy to undermine our Constitution with a coup.

William E. Eardley

East Liverpool