Government shut down? Are you serious?

Dear Editor:

I just heard on the news that the government voted to keep things going for another three weeks, but then it may shut down yet again.

They said that by happening at tax season it may slow down tax returns. Apparently they are going to collect money we owe to them for taxes, but may not be sending out tax refunds. So apparently they will have personnel enough on the job to collect from us, but will not have personnel enough on the job to send us the money that we are owed by them.

They work for us, and in my humble opinion, they are not doing the job we hired them for at all. If they don’t straighten up and fly right and do their job, I would like to see the people go to the polls the next time they are up for election, cast their votes and put these people out of office. Perhaps we could elect a different group of spoiled rich kids who could go to D.C. and be taught to play well with others and get the job done.

How many of us if we refused to do the job the people who hired us to do would remain employed for long in that position? Very darn few I would venture to say.

Since the major issue seems to be a fight over immigration, here is a thought — Keep the immigrants because they are working and deport the politicians because they are not working.

Pamela Smith