Dear Editor:

DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) won’t MAGA (Make American Geat Again)!

It is heralded by the political left that America is the land of immigrants so your citizenship isn’t all its cracked up to be. By that logic, America is just an open stretch of land readily available to whoever shows up so all history that is documented regarding this land is insignificant.

With that “insignificants,” the removal of statues and plaques of historical figures is just redecorating the lawn for curb appeal to attract the next occupants. Are you really planning on going anywhere … soon!?

Illegal aliens are largely poor, uneducated and drain the welfare and public education systems, according to a survey from the Center for Immigration Studies. As well, consider protesters who sport flags of other countries while burning the America flag, so just what is their message? Is America a racist hate-filled land that the world condemns but sending them back where they came from is wrong!?

The age group within DACA spans decades, it is not just children. The parade of illegals attending college who claim they will benefit America do not outnumber those that occupy a prison cell or fill the roles of social programs draining the public funds.

However, one does not need waste time venting against the illegals since the true villains of this mess are the lawmakers who defend and fight for the illegals. A true defender of DACA, an obstructionist to MAGA, and an all around run-of-the-mill career politician is Sen. Sherrod “coattails” Brown (D-Ohio). Vote him out of his Senate seat this midterm but with someone whose sole agenda is MAGA!

William E. Eardley

East Liverpool