Where to look

Dear Editor:

As I write this, it is four days before Christmas. Soon the birth of Christ will be celebrated across the world. When Jesus was born He came into a world where most people were oppressed or enslaved. Those in power, the rich and political rulers along with those in the church, used their power over men to use them to further their agendas. Women were considered as things only to be used for pleasure or as slaves. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The last few months women have finally told their stories of abuse at the hands of men who held their future in their hands. Others told of abuse by neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc. who sexually abused them in some way. I applaud them for their courage and condemn those who used them.

I know a place where the values that we all see are needed in our society are taught and practiced. A place where people care about you and your family. A place where love, respect, and caring are taught. It is in your local church.

When Jesus interacted with women He showed them respect, love, forgiveness, and healing in a world that would condemn them for the littlest infraction. He reached out to an outcast, saved a harlot from being stoned, comforted the grief stricken, and gave women a voice in the church. When Christ looked at a woman He saw her as a person, not as something to be used and thrown away.

All these stories we hear and read about abuse are heart wrenching and ugly. We all need a good dose of truth, love, and respect. You can find those things and many more good and encouraging things at church. I hope to see you there this Sunday.

Alvin L. Talkington

East Liverpool