‘Drive-by Media’

Dear Editor:

Situations the “Drive-by Media” push to be the nation’s new concensus is the rape of all things once held sacred. Along that line is their insatiable desire to have the last word. The latest example is the outrageous attack by a congresswomen, for her own political gain, diminishing the ultimate sacrifice of a soldier.

Should not the POTUS defend the integrity of a very private and personal phone call to a grieving widow? Or does a media-backed congresswomen, who eavesdropped then distorts the conversation, get the last word.

Enter Sen. Sherrod Brown, the democrat from Ohio, who is adding his poison to the mix. He has decided that the ultimate sacrifice by a soldier is solely for the benefit of his political career as well.

Only 1 percent of this great nation serve in our armed forces. An even smaller percentage of the remaining 99 percent, say only .001 percent, capture the lime light. The POTUS is the only one the American citizen can rely on to actually call out the shamelessness of that .001 percent which includes the media.

Another situation that is getting far less coverage is the attack on a memorial to soldiers who perished in WWI. This memorial has stood for over 98 years, shaped as a cross, and sits in a Maryland town square but was deemed unconstitutional by two liberal judges.

At the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month, in 1918, WWI ended, Armistice Day then, Veterans Day now. This 2018 will be the 100th anniversary of that day when the guns fell silent. The democrat politicians, liberal judges, and the media continue their assault on the America culture and its stalworth defenders.

William E. Eardley

East Liverpool