We need to be cleaner

Dear Editor:

Our beautiful Ohio Valley has a litter problem. I think it can be fixed pretty quickly and somewhat easily and cheaply.

It will take many people, groups and organizations to all pitch in and not only clean up a bit, but more importantly to stop the litter from happening in the first place.

This is where you come in. I propose that local television stations and print media do an anti-litter blitz. Maybe for years if needed.

One example … a PSA (Public Service Announcement) contest of sorts. Involve kids of all ages at all area schools. Have them create short little PSAs (or signs or art or papers, etc.) related to litter. How not to. Ways to help stop it. The detrimental effects of it. The good points in having a more beautiful and much cleaner surroundings.

Also in all these schools, start giving small easy free “lesson plans,” projects, assemblies, discussions, etc., on how to end and stop the litter and also maybe little lessons on taking better care of ourselves, each other and our environment.

When it is cleaner, we will all be just a little more happier, healthier and prosperous.

Ian Wilson

New Cumberland