Bus stop safety questioned

Dear Editor:

I am the mother of a 5 year old and 4 year old. I would like the support of all Beaver Local parents and students to help assist me, and all Beaver Local students that reside on Gipner Avenue and/or any student anywhere within the Beaver Local School District, to have the bus pick up my 5 year old within a more reasonable and safe pickup/dropoff spot, preferably at the end of my driveway.

The bus route for over 50 years has picked students up at the end of their driveways, but this year it’s being said the neighbor is telling the school board that they can no longer turn around in their area. This is all untrue.

Right now, my 5- year old will have to walk approximately a third of mile from my home at the further end of Gipner Road, to the main road, just to get on and off the bus. Safety and unpredictable weather conditions will expose not just my son, but other students having to walk the same distance and/or further, to possible extreme conditions.

I only have one vehicle and that vehicle is used by my husband to get to and from work. I will have to take my 4 year old along, too.

I ask others to please join me and call the school board and send a letter of support helping not just my son, but all students in the same situation — for all our students’ safety.

The school district needs to go back to when the bus transportation picked students up at a safe place.

Chrystal Wolf

East Liverpool