Sham Cam

Dear Editor:

They say it’s not about the large amount of money received from what I call “Sham Cams,” but for safety. Only township and city officials believe this lie.

Our citizens’ tax money help paid the wages of township and city employees. I’m for putting in a more reasonable fine for speeding.

School zones with red lights on? Fine according to how fast over 25 mph. Say $50 for 32 in a 25 zone; $75 for over 42 in 35 zone; and $100 for over 62 in a 55 zone. High speeds cause most accidents, along with drugs and alcohol.

I feel we should pay for our mental lapse: not knowing speed signs are there for a reason. Myself, I favor speed cams on poles, and not held by policemen. Citizens are disliking police, because at times they sort of hid to sham cam cars.

Get our police out on our great drug problem. Far more people are dying from drug overdoses than from cars.

I would hope somehow cities can come to own their own cams and equipment for its use.

Blue Line Solutions has a very profitable business, with the money from fines from our citizens. Don’t let Blue Line say how much a fine should be. If you have to give them their 40 percent from $50, $75, and $100 fines, you set.

Only $100 fines make a lot of citizens having a dislike to officials and double dislike of policemen that have to do the dirty job.

Policemen should be looked up too, not down on.

A lot of states that have only one plate get off scott free.

I would also like to see Don Bean and city officials meet, come to an agreement on speed cam, fines and safety issues. Citizen voting power, will say, who they say is right if not talked about.

Robert Sullivan