Dear Editor:

Where does the average American’s interests lie? Is it with the unchanging status quo of political ranker or is it the “rule of law”?

I can tell you what doesn’t interest me — it’s the Democrat leadership fighting for their political survival with their heralds, the “Drive By Media” in lockstep. This amounts to nothing more than attacking their opponents with irrational ridicule, out-of-whole-cloth hoax’s and nothing more. As well, it means the GOP wringing their hands, pacing the floor, and questioning their own darn selves.

What would peak interest would be the Democrat leadership spending the next 16 years fighting off the DOJ to stay out of jail. Now if you want a list of all the scandals that the Democrat leadership was involved in, go online and look it up. Not enough space to list here.

Right now the POTUS isn’t being very kind to his AG, Jeff Sessions. Was it not Napoleon who said the best defense is a good offense, so who else will counter the Democrats offensive? In that last sentence I wrote, “who else will” not who “should” because the POTUS doesn’t need paper tigers in his cabinet.

With that being said, Americans don’t need GOP paper tigers in Congress either because Obamacare is still the law. I and anyone else who doesn’t obey that law is a criminal and criminals cannot own firearms.

One can claim that to be a far-fetched conspiracy theory, but who would have thought it would be illegal in America “not” to buy a service.

William E. Eardley

East Liverpool