Choice needed

Dear Editor:

We should have a choice of our health care.

My choice is holistic (homeopathy) medicine. It is as old as the hills of West Virginia.

I choose it — it’s the old fashion way most of us grew up with. It’s safer, healthier, and a lot cheaper. It works with our body not against it.

Prescription drugs we don’t really know much about. The paper you get with them does not tell all of their problems they cause (sometimes you have to ask for papers).

Holistic — called by some people, home remedies — our parents used them.

1st choice: holistic medicine and doctors.

2nd choice: prescription drugs (use as a backup). Some do work. Others? I will keep my own doctor.

We need to write, call, lobby President Trump and members of Congress, and tell them we want holistic medicine and/or prescription drugs.

I told my doctor I was not going to take any more FDA drugs. Would you?

1. Klor-con, a.k.a. potassium chloride, is very, very toxic. It attacked my thyroid and burned it, and I still have problems with my throat and blockage in kidney.

Really! How about this one, to be used for executions in Ohio, Utah and Oklahoma. It’s to be added to two other drugs. Wonderful!

2. Amlodipine (Still taking – soon bye, bye). Causes sinus and hearing problems and a few more. No more of them for me.

I’m using holistic (homeopathy) medicine and doctor — healthier safer and cheaper.

I will keep my regular doctor, he’s great.

Shirley A. Payne-Davis

East Liverpool