No ‘affordable’ care

Dear Editor:

Past and present presidents have made promises of affordable health care. So far, I fail to see it.

Sure, they put out plans that were supposed to help us find affordable care and millions of people were eligible for state-funded Medicaid. But those, including myself, have not found a plan we can really afford. With ridiculously high deductibles, premiums those on limited incomes cannot afford, the only options are not having any at all or going on Medicaid. Those who chose not to sign up get hit with a tax. Those who chose Medicaid sometimes cannot find a doctor they like who accepts it or they have to travel 60-plus miles to one who does.

When a person becomes the age to receive Medicare, it doesn’t really change. Medicare does not cover all medical costs. So then you have to buy a supplement. Or you might be eligible for Medicaid spend-down.

A lot of people on Medicare cannot afford a supplement insurance. And let’s not forget, Medicare isn’t really “free.” They pay for that, too. With Medicaid spend-down, you risk losing your home, because when you die, they come back and try to collect what they spent on your behalf. That is what happened when my mother passed. And we weren’t told of this when I applied for her.

I have a chronic disease. I cannot get treatment on my plan unless I travel to Akron. Or I could pay $100 for an office visit here in my hometown. That’s just a visit! Anything else done costs more. So I continue to suffer.

So what is the solution for this problem for millions of people? I don’t know. I wish our representatives in government would find an affordable solution. Lower the prices of insurance or make the doctors lower their prices. I doubt I will see a solution in my lifetime. So, I pray to God my grandchildren do.

Cathy Burcham

East Liverpool