A mere Tweet

Dear Editor:

What respectable American patriot doesn’t want all these TV hosts/anchors to “put a sock in it.”

The intelligence of the average American is insulted by their irrational ridicule of the president. Most Americans are “fetched up” proper, taught to mind our “P’s and Q’s,” and to be patient for it is a virtue. Adding injury to insult, this same “drive-by media” fearful of the average Jane and Joe’s opinion demand you “bite your tongue” as though only the media speaks for America.

With that kind of condemnation, we get a pit in our stomach. If only the chance presented itself to give them a piece of our mind since they seem to have lost theirs. But no, it’s a given that that ain’t going to happen so all that’s left is to glare at the TV leaving us frustrated and unsatisfied.

Well, lo and behold, our champion appears — the POTUS.

Wordlessly, with only the wave of his hand, levels a blast of consciousness (a mere Tweet) against these agitators sending them into a tailspin. Yeah, baby! That’s one reason why he got elected.

The press has become a vacuum-esk wasteland of vented intolerance and boorish insults leveled at America. But thanks to that mystical magical miracle cure (the Trump tweet), the angst subsides and America continues to move forward.

The truth is America knows the media is part of the problem, there needs to be a solution, and Donald J. Trump has the answer.

William E. Eardley

East Liverpool