Voter fraud

Dear Editor:

Isn’t it about time? About time, that is, for an investigation of voter fraud. Let’s see what happens with President Trump’s commission to investigate voter fraud. Let’s see if the media is able to shut this one down–their primary resource, I submit, is what may be regarded as a sound bite mentality of a populace that can only retain what they heard in the last minute of a CNN airing. Those too lazy or unable to think for themselves forget fast. If past kerfuffles are any indication, I predict the media will also win this fight. Rigorously enforced voter ID could go a long way toward preventing ballot-box misuse, but don’t expect that to happen soon.

“Get out and vote” is the mantra brayed by politicians of all stripe, ad infinitum and ad nauseam. A well-informed voter having a vested interest in the affairs of state doesn’t need admonitions from self-serving politicians to do his job, but dragging all and sundry from the slums and jails to the polls serves ill purpose in directing this nation onto a healthy path.

Any politician at best is but a mirror image of his constituents. Witness the numerous “legitimate” voters illicitly benefitting from generational welfare: Who are these people going to support? Without doubt, only politicians who promise more freebies. Take the money out of your wallet and give it to undeserving welfare cheats. Pay for their grub. Let them smoke dope and drink more beer. “How cruel it is to deny anyone the right to vote” is the dreary platitude heard in response from lifetime politicians. Isn’t that grand?

The welfare cheats, unregistered voters and all those merely interested in more handouts form a substantial portion of the Democrat voter base–easily enough to sway elections. Let’s not even talk about illegal aliens. Without this support, the Democrat party would be swiftly consigned to a second-rate status, but considering the GOP’s display of weakness in not getting done what they promised, e.g., getting rid of Obamacare, they will be the first to become the party of no consequence. They’re practically there now. The Dems pander and always fulfill; the GOP always promise as they’re presently doing but then fizzle.

Poor Hillary. If James Comey and Russian meddling indeed tipped the election in favor of Donald Trump, then thank you James Comey and thank you Russia.

Gail Wickstrom