Slow the roll

Dear Editor:

When the social engineers of government (them) pit Americans (us) against one another, they choose a target, personalize it, so too focus angst.

With the unwaivering support of the mainstream media they go after that person because if you push a negative hard enough, it will become the truth. At this time, there is a constant ridicule of the POTUS because ridicule is the most potent weapon.

There is no true defense against ridicule because its irrational, it’s infuriating and it can force concessions.

As well, the social engineers won’t go outside the expertise of their base so all the name-calling and protest helps fuel greater anxieties. The truth be told when the people enjoy acting out they’ll keep doing it without urging and come back to do more. However, without the fruition to the promise to impeach, the resistance becomes a drag.

You can have a lone wolf come out of the shadows turning a ballfield into a shooting gallery. But, keeping the pressure on, never letting up and by trying new things just to throw the opposition off balance keeps it fresh.

As it stands now the illusion of collusion isn’t going to finish the POTUS, but maybe a fabrication for obstruction of justice might.

Concessions was mentioned earlier in this opinion and there are only two possible concessions that either party of the social engineers will argue. One would be the ending of all the hate-filled rhetoric and encouragement to violence. The second would be to slow the roll, if not stop all together — putting Americans first and making America great again.

For “them,” all of them, which do you think will be easier?

William E Eardley

East Liverpool