Feeling wronged

Dear Editor:

I would like for someone to explain to me why the Welfare Department has the right to say a person is a bad person because they have a 23-year-old domestic against them.

Because of that, he isn’t allowed to see his grandchildren or talk to them. But yet, the welfare left those grandkids with us for over a year and never said a word about the domestic. They say I’m a bad person also because I told my 14-year-old grandchild that she does not disrespect her parents no matter what the problem is.

I was raised to show respect, no matter what.

We have not seen our grandkids in a long time, because of the Welfare Department. We love and miss our grandkids. It’s not right or fair that our grandkids’ other family can see them and call them anytime they want.

The Welfare Department has its saying, “we are here to help,” but they are only here to destroy family ties. They need to be investigated and new people put in that know what they are doing.

Marilyn L. Cooke

East Liverpool