Program needs reinstated

Dear Editor:

I go to the Broadway Wharf every day and feed the animals there. I also pick up all the food container trash left by others who are unable to respect community properties. Today, I extended my cleanup efforts to the roadside on the ramp side of the road. It only took about 40 minutes to pick up the beer and drink bottles as well as miscellaneous things tossed out of a car by the lesser residents of the area.

I was given a number of 100-plus trucks using the River Road on certain days by one of the granaries. These drivers see nothing else of the city but River Road and the highway they came in on. What thoughts are they taking away of East Liverpool?

Why are we not putting our best foot forward in maintaining this area? We’ve been blessed with many warm days and yet, workers who used to be assigned to clean that area or the ramp — used by so many from the surrounding areas — haven’t done so in a while.

Let’s reinstate this program for the benefit of our city.

Terry Sprague

East Liverpool