Restore local government funding

Dear Editor:

Drug addiction is costly. It costs a person everything to maintain: money, health, relationships – and sometimes your life.

Drug addiction costs our communities as well. All types of criminal activity are a result of drug trafficking and addiction.

Our law enforcement can’t keep up with it. The resources needed to adequately protect our communities have been lacking for years. It needs to stop.

I implore our elected officials to act. The answer is not another levy. Our police and fire should not be asking the public for money they need to function. It should already be there. That’s why I’ve been calling on state government to restore local government funding. It’s a small step in the right direction to address this opiate crisis.

Lawmakers have known too long how this epidemic is devesting our communities. How can we work for economic development in our county without an able-bodied workforce?

How much will it take for the state legislature to stop playing keep-away with our tax dollars, and equip our first responders with the resources they so desperately need?

John R. Dyce


Candidate for State Representative