Money taken from our pockets

Dear Editor:

I oppose the income tax rate increase. The water and sewer rates have already recently increased.

The new labor contract for the City’s Sewer, Street, Water and Trash department includes a new section which will reopen the contract for increased wage negotiations if the city income tax revenue goes up more than 25 percent, which would probably happen if the income tax is increased.

According to the U.S. Census web site, the 2010-14 East Liverpool household income was under $27,000 a year. Here is what the yearly salary and benefits were in 2003 for some of the city jobs according to the City Auditor: water meter reader, over $45,000; water department clerk, over $46,000; street department superintendent, over $76,000; trash truck driver, about $43,000. Those numbers do not include bonus days, sick leave, worked vacation, overtime and meal tickets.

I think the city needs to look closely at its own spending and not take more money out of our pockets.

Linda Ziegler

East Liverpool