I’ll help them pack

Dear Editor:

There is a distinction of branches called separation of power, that mean under article 1 which is the legislative branch. Which is defining as the house of representative and the senate is vested in congress of the United States.

So the president’s executive orders that he’s making and regrading at law are an abuse of power and a direct violation to the constitution of these United States of America. This is an impeachable offense The president did not follow the rule of conduct of the constitution which protects the people with separation of power.

Maybe he will remember this “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the presidency of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.”

Think that sounds familiar to President Obama, who thinks he is king or dictator? He has depleted are military, which now is the smallest since WWI. He has opened our borders and flooded us with illegals and given them rights to vote or to collect social security and welfare. Yes, we are the land of opportunity. The land of opportunity didn’t mean to create a welfare state, where people live better than they do if they work — a little unfair don’t you think?

He wants to bring in Islamic refugees, that I see elsewhere are the main cause of crimes in these other countries. Their culture is a lot different than that of western culture and the two won’t mix. Muslims say everything about America offends them — well they offend the people of western culture with their barbaric death and murder. They have got some nerve they follow a religion of peace. My Question is this … Why have they been fighting with each other and murdering nearly for 1,500 years?

Check in Genesis 10 where Ishmael was rejected by his father, and began his own tribe called Islam. That’s right, they follow the teaching of the Old Testament until Mohammad came along  and created the Quran — oh wait, I forgot, he heard God talking to him. Does the word schizophrenia come to mind? He heard voices and several times he tried to comment suicide by attempting to throw him off a cliff. Now does that sound like a man that has it all together? And now the Quran is the word of Islam. It all started in the Old Testament — you know, where the Ten Commandments were made. Let me throw out a commandment: Thou shall not kill And the top cleric think you’re doing homosexuals a favor by throwing them off a building? Really?

Obama is a complete failure and lame duck president. His executive order that he’s so fond of mean nothing. He doesn’t have the power to make law. Congress and the senate does. The executive is to enforce the law. And if he vetos a bill from becoming law, the senate and house can override his decision by two-thirds majority of vote. This keeps the president in check so he can’t be too powerful as Obama think he is.

And getting back to Islam, do they sound civilize when they stone a woman who was raped and complained or committed adultery? Gee, they don’t sound civilize to me.

So if America offends them so bad, they can leave. I’ll even help them pack and they can move back to where they came from.

Walter W Kernaich Jr.

East Liverpool