Protect middle class

Dear Editor:

I was surprised to read about West Virginia passing the Right to Work law.

The people of West Virginia are having enough trouble making a living. They don’t need our politicians throwing restraints in their way.

In 1935, our government guaranteed the people’s right to organize collective bargaining. In the same breath, workers have the right to not join in collective bargaining. Those that choose this right to join are 30 percent more likely to have health benefits than those who choose not to join.

If you join a union, you are 25 percent more likely to have a pension. Men who do not have a union membership make approximately $5,000 less per year. If you do not have a union membership and are working in unsafe working conditions you can’t bargain for safer conditions. Death and accidents are 40 percent higher in non-union shops and construction sights.

Oklahoma took Right to Work laws into its bosom in 2001 and since then its manufacturing jobs fell by 31 percent for the next 10 years.

Most states with Right to Work laws makes the overall economy fall by 15 percent. This Right to Work law drives wages down 14 percent, not to mention health insurance and your pension is usually gone.

Big businesses are pushing very hard to install this law in Ohio.

If you are a union member, hold your head high. Make your work worth the pay and benefits you get. Be the best you can be. Help the company you work for proud to have you as an employee. Companies and employees should work hand-in-hand. Let’s all benefit.

Make America great again, say no to Right to Work laws in Ohio.

In conclusion, states with Right to Work laws have lower wages, fewer benefits, more on the job accidents and fatalities.

Say no to the Right to Work laws in Ohio.

Protect the middle class.

Gary Gallagher