Take back the neighborhoods

Dear Editor:

I live at 945 McKinnon Ave. I have lived here for 43 years. I live in between, what I’d describe as, two slum houses, 940 and 947 McKinnon Ave. I know who owns these houses.

The tenants at 940 have two apartments, front and rear. The apartment has a dump yard in it. They are either hoarders, or use your imagine as to what is going on. This property is in very bad shape – the roof is ready to cave in on the rear apartment. I have pictures.

The 947 house needs condemned. The owner’s son lives there with the mother of their two children. The roof is leaking badly. The floors are so weak they are ready to cave in.

My letter is in support of East Liverpool City Council and the new landlord rules that is on the agenda to be voted on. Please pass this. These people need to be held accountable. They make a lot of money, especially if they are HUD rentals.

HUD is guaranteed payment, due to it being government money. We need to take back our neighborhoods. We pay taxes. We take care of our property. We should not have to live in these conditions.

Mary Ann Kennedy

East Liverpool