Pet search

Dear Editor:

My family and I had to make the painful decision to put down our dog we’ve had since my childhood. In search of a new dog, we heard about this place in Wellsville called Fur Paws.

At Fur Paws you can get a pet for as much as donating a bag of food, or any other pet supplies they needed. Sounds awesome, right? That’s what we thought.

We called and promptly were told about a dog. We fell in love with this dog and soon got to meet him. Well this is where things go south.

There were a few things we needed to do on our end before we could adopt him and we snapped to it immediately. Called Fur Paws to let them know that we were ready for them to come back and review the improvements we made. But, call after call, we heard the same thing: “Oh! I’ll be there after work” or “I’ll stop by tomorrow.” That’s if they even responded to us.

This went on for a month before we decided that we should give up. We even went on Facebook to talk to them, and saw the adoption pictures of other families getting their dogs within days of a dog being advertised for adoption. We asked ourselves ‘why is it taking so long for us?’

My mother and I agreed to give them one more try. So we did.

First story was the dog was injured and unable to be adopted out. Broke our hearts. Slightly aggravated us, too, that it took so long for us to get an answer, and that we had to pretty much pull teeth for a response.

But no more than a week later we saw the dog was able to be adopted on Facebook. Well, then the second part came.

We have two dogs outside on chain leads. Both dogs are as happy as can be. Plenty of things to play with, playtime, room to walk around, and even a lazy boy for relaxing. Well, Fur Paws didn’t like that we had two outside dogs. And that was one reason (of many they proclaimed) why they won’t adopted out to us.

But we had made all necessary improvements to adopt this dog and they never came back to see the improvements.

Now anyone who has had a outside dog, a dog who prefers to be outside has different preferences on their area. Ours like to be on a lead outside where the air is fresh and they can roll in the mud.

We were devastated by what they told us – that we couldn’t get the dog we fell in love with. And we are still searching for another dog to welcome into our family.

I do not wish what my family has gone through on any other family searching for a new furry family member. I feel sorry for any other family that was denied by for a pet for whatever reason.

K. Nous