Not my America

Dear Editor:

I can’t, off the top of my head, remember the year that the NFL went on strike and tried to fill their teams and stadiums with the non-name rosters. A valuable lesson was learned that season that has since been lost to our business and political leaders today. The networks were not getting the ratings and threatened to take the league off the air. This threat was enough for the billionaire owners to change their tune and open up the purse strings, and the rest is history. Today the top talent receive ungodly sums to play a boys game and the owners and networks are making more than ever before. The ungodly sums that the networks can generate and transfer to the league, as the middle man between advertisers to owners, is mind-boggling. All sports follow this same plan and the money just keeps rolling in.

Now let us look at the American economy and the American worker. A very similar scenario can be seen here, also. For decades, the overpaid and underworked union laborers have been pilloried by conservatives. The free trade agreements have had a devastating affect on the American workers ability to earn a living and take care of his family. It is very politically correct to make your employees part-timers to avoid benefits, something so alien to the American way of life, just to stick their thumbs in President Obama’s eye. Health care and pension were almost a right in America and all employers offered both to get the best talent. The politically correct thing to do today is part-time and no benefits.

The American economy is very dependent on workers purchasing products, taking vacations and in all ways bolstering the American economy. My mailbox and TV screen are full of adds for nothing down car deals, free installation on carpeting, deals on cruises BOGO this and BOGO that. How long do you think it will take for our business leaders and politicians to relearn the lessons of the no-name season?

The economy is in a shambles still, and everyday stories sprout of pension failures, failure to get a living wage, and of course the biggest lie of all, Social Security and Medicare are handouts, like food stamps, and should be curtailed immediately, just to open up more money for Iraq, Syria and Ukraine and $3.8 billion for legal representation for the immigrant children on the southwest border.

I ask you, what about our children? What about our economy? What is our future when the Koch brothers can pay Carl Rove to go out to try and destroy it all and brow-beat their own employees, and amass billions more each year in their personal fortunes?

The networks had the power to make the owners see the light, but I can’t see anything on the horizon that will make the rich of today see the light. I’m afraid our politicians will milk the free speech unlimited funds that the Supreme Court legalized, and Hollywood will match everything the conservatives can give, so don’t feel sorry for the poor Democrats.

I saw on the news this week that employment is back to 2008 levels, but the wages are 27 percent less than in 2008. “Beam me up Scotty,” because this can’t be my America.

Donald Chambers

East Liverpool