Early prediction

Dear Editor:

Six short years ago, I penned an op-ed piece which ran in the local newspapers, sounding the alarm for what I feared would happen to an America “transformed” by the ever charismatic, ultra leftist (but disguised as a moderate) African-American president, Barack Obama. As an African American myself, I could say things perhaps that my white brethren could not, or would not, lest they be labeled a racist.

Well here we are, six years later, with the United States of America well on its way to being that “transformed” nation that Barack Obama could only have dreamed about back in his days as a Chicago “youth radical” and street organizer. And what have we to show for this?

Promising to go after “the rich,” Mr. Obama has set into motion the largest tax increases in the history of the world. They are only now being unveiled. Combine this with a spending spree that has put the nation into a debt spiral so vast that it is almost incalculable.

Add to this a health care program, dubbed the Affordable Health Care Act, which is anything but “affordable” and which will turn health care on its head and make the more recent scandalous affairs of the Veterans Administration look lame.

East Liverpool will not even have a hospital by the time this all shakes out. I suppose this, too, will be blamed on Bush.

And do you think that it is any accident that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens continue to pour into our country each year in order to benefit by the free food and clothing, free shelter, free health care, free legal advise on how to stay here? Folks none of this is by accident or by coincidence.

What’s coming next, by executive order, is blanket amnesty and the right for all of these millions of illegals to vote. This will be Obama’s most enduring legacy because it will lock-in the “transformation” of this nation from free republic to socialist welfare state, for generations to come.

Meanwhile, Obama’s “wink and nod” to his Muslim brotherhood throughout the world may well mean that the very security of this nation will lie naked to the zealotry and the impassioned hatred of Islamic fanatics that have the means to do something about it. Israel will be first. But make no mistake about it, the United States is the ultimate target.

Obama’s agenda should by now be crystal clear to us all. He is making good on his promises to “transform America.” And there will be a horrific price to be paid for this.

What remains unclear is this: Will we as a nation have the courage to put a stop this before it is too late? There will be an election soon. I pray that a message is sent that we have had enough. And, I pray that it is not too late.

Larry Long Jr.

East Liverpool