Job well done

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter while sitting in East Liverpool City Hospital.

While this is not my favorite place to be, it could be a lot worse. I came in on my birthday. No big deal. I never mentioned anything to the staff about it, for I was feeling very poorly. But, by the birth dates they had collected about me, an hour after being in my room, they had sent two different pieces of cake with a silhouette background wishing me a happy birthday. The nursing staff could not have treated me or anyone else any better.

This has to be hard for them to be pleasant during contract negotiations, but then being the quality nurses that they are, it was just the opposite. By the way, I was admitted for COPD and you could have set your watch by my respiratory therapists.

I would just like to thank the nurses, and entire staff for a good job under tough times. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a good hospital.

Rick Williams

East Liverpool