Debacle in Wellsville

Dear Editor:

I was born and raised in Wellsville, but chose to live elsewhere, and still retain some pride of the village. The current situation causes me to reflect on the actions of the mayor and the process of selecting the police chief.

In her mind she must believe she is doing the right thing, but her actions are causing a very negative impact on those involved. Particular the residents of the village. As an outsider, she is coming across as very dictatorial, uneducated, and definitely not knowing how to deal with people and the very sensitive issue of racial relations.

Wellsville has always been a very racially diverse place with the racial barriers never being a true issue until now. How can anyone in this position even think of making a public statement such as “getting the black vote” in a public forum, such as a council meeting. I am appalled at such insensitivity for a person of this position. That is just attempting to lite a candle on a problem that may not truly exist and cause the members of the village to possibly perceive that this problem does exist. Perfect example of a truly unsavory politician attempting to play dirty politics for her own gain.

Sad, sad, sad.

This is not what the village needs. It needs someone to take the upper hands in causing unity to happen.

I do hope the council soon rises above this political charade of Haugh and begins to control their village. This is not the time for throwing political daggers, but the time for unity and harmony. Don’t let the actions of a few destroy this village.

Joseph Rawlings

Escondido, Calif.