The VA scandal

Dear Editor:

The scandal “of” the VA, not the scandal “at” the VA is a better representation regarding the tragedy.

When the VA was first created it was terrible and took a long time to become adequate, but has returned to being terrible again.

Yes, yes, yes, there is credit due and I have seen a parade of glowing testimonies regarding a veteran and the VA. The true systemic problem is the “bureaucracy” of “Command and Control” of the VA that directly affects the “execution” of the mission. The overlooked agenda of a bureaucracy is to grow in size and power so as to behave with “impunity.”

All administrations of the American government have empowered its departments – the EPA, DoE, DOJ, DOA, IRS, etc. – to become massive bureaucracies, each creating policy and regulations that have affected every American citizen negatively. The current administration, the Obama administration, is just more “open” about growing these bureaucracies for the purpose of behaving with impunity. This is evident in all the scandals and the continuing stonewalling by this administration and the bureaucracies they empower.

William E Eardley

East Liverpool