Support pool restoration

Dear Editor:

Burch Cartwright and my dad were born on the same day in East Liverpool more than 99 years ago. Burch’s father, Joseph and my father, Joseph, were both dentists in our community. In fact, my 94-year-old mother was a patient of Dr. Cartwright until she married my dad.

Although they were raised on “different sides of the track,” my dad and Burch were lifelong friends. Dad performed orthodontics on all three Cartwright children and we all shared a strong interest in our local community.

Burch headed up the Thompson Park Advisory Board for more than 40 years and worked tirelessly for the betterment of the park. He carefully suggested Burl Warrick succeed him on the Board and involved community stewards such as John Thompson, Wink Smith, Lou Yanni and Betsy Wells to continue the excellence of Will Thompson’s priceless gift to our community.

When Burch’s lovely wife, Betty, passed away, Cindy and I invited Burch for many of our family dinners on Thanksgiving Day. A proud graduate of Princeton, we always sat Burch next to our younger daughter, Andy, a proud graduate of Colgate and Harvard. On more than one occasion, Andy told me after the dinner that if Burch were 60 years younger, she would marry him in a second.

Burch invited me several times after Betty’s death for a one-on-one discussion of the needs of East Liverpool over a dinner that he had carefully prepared. He was a role model for me along with his many generous friends like Sid and Sally Porter, Jack and Jane Vodrey and John and Peggy Thompson.

The Hoffrichter family is making a donation in honor of J. Burchfield Cartwright. His son-in-law, Jeff Cartwright Smith, is working tirelessly as head of this vital Rotary project. We hope all members of the community will contribute what they can to this worthy project.

Thompson Park Pool was built during the height of the Great Depression under the WPA Federal program. It has been a stalwart institution over the years and deserves our support.

Please send your donation to Rotary, P.O. Box 31, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920.

Marc Hoffrichter

East Liverpool