Dems didn’t stand by promises

Dear Editor:

As I was a registered Democrat for 30 years, I want to give another view of the West Virginia senate race.

I was at a rally in 1992 for Clinton/Gore, sponsored by the Independent Steel Workers Union, at Weirton Steel.

After eight years in office, they did not do one thing to help the steel industry as they promised they would. I had not seen two bigger liars in my life until Obama/Biden was elected. Now they are No. 1.

If anyone can find a Democrat that does not want to 1.) kill our babies while still in the womb; 2.) raise our taxes; 3.) trample on our 2nd Amendment rights; and 4.) favor breaking federal law by granting amnesty to 10-12 million illegal aliens now in this country – I may vote for that person.

On June 1, on WTRF-TV channel 7, Steve Roberts of the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, stated that West Virginia has lost 60,000 manufacturing jobs since 1980.

I look forward to voting for Shelly Moore Capito and donating to her campaign.

Edward L. Swiger

New Cumberland