Demise of America

Dear Editor:

The donkey scat is scrambling to distract all of American and its time for “hope and change.” Why? Because you need a choice. Not what the Democrats and their bureaucracy have forced upon us and lie to us about.

A screaming boob for a Senate majority leader, who has nothing in common with America, is aligned with the most destructive president ever known. Democrats rant and rave, they pontificate, procrastinate and pander, they strut and preen. Are you better off? Are you working? Is your American dream now just to stay alive in a world of socialist chaos? Perhaps you need to align with those who want America to succeed?

The media is full of the distractions of the Democrat talking points, not the scandals and betrayal perpetrated by the Democrat. Do you actually believe that donkey excrement that the corruption doesn’t really exist? That all decisions made by one man has made America stronger, here and abroad?

If the progressive agenda is so wonderful, why are 90 million out of work? Why is our Nations GDP at a negative? Why are the jobs being offered low-paying and low-skilled? Why do we need more H1 visas? Why is the American southern border flooded with the children of South American countries? How many rogue nations now plan to kidnap American citizens/soldiers to see what they can squeeze out of this Democrat government. Why has the EPA implementing policy that will close down coal-fired power plants? America’s northeast was one power plant away from a blackout this last winter. Why are we in such sad shape with little hope?

The Democrats have done much to diminish America on the domestic front and internationally. Driven into debt (that pesky 17-plus trillion again), enslaving America’s future generations and the Democrats believe the abortion industry has precedence over religious freedom. What of future generations if the abortion industry expands?

To buy votes, it’s free cheese, cell phones, welfare, and an educational system designed to fail.

The demise of America is almost certain.

William E Eardley

East Liverpool