Love thy neighbor

Dear Editor:

The Hancock County smoking ban issue has been talked about thoroughly, and it’s worth repeating time and again that smoke kills – it does.

Like a rose is a rose, a fact is a fact, and it’s a proven fact that smoking and secondhand smoke causes deadly cancer.

I don’t know why the leaders of some of our veteran clubs and Mountaineer Casino are threatening the people of Hancock County that a smoking ban would cause a great economic disaster, and the very first thing they would do is to discontinue their charity toward the needy and school kids no less.

That’s really a shameful signal to give our younger generation – that we need to kill ourselves with smoke to survive economically.

Twenty-four other counties in West Virginia and all of Ohio are doing well without “here’s smoke in your face.” Why can’t we?

Smoking ban or not, gamblers will gamble, drinkers will drink, and sadly, smokers will continue to smoke so those particular businesses will continue to sell. The sky is not falling.

I’d like to see this issue go to a vote and give the citizens a voice on cleaning up our county, or not.

Until a smoker quits that filthy habit, they don’t know how bad the stink is. I found out after I quit.

Just think about it, what’s more important – health or wealth?

How can we tell our kids that smoking is a no-no and advertise throughout the county that the is a must?

Come on smokers, drinkers, gamblers, if you must, go ahead, do your thing, but, don’t kill the rest of us while doing it.

Let’s clean up our county and enjoy a smokeless meal, cool beer, or cheering that favorite nag at the track.

Love thy neighbor, will you?

John Flara

New Cumberland