Keep Dems in office

Dear Editor:

Watching the news it seems that it’s a cinch for a Republican to fill Jay Rockefeller’s senator’s job, so says the media. I hope this will not be the case as we West Virginians did OK with Democrats at the helm for decades.

Republicans are depending on a gimmick to sway the minds of coal miners that their jobs will be saved. Don’t believe it, you can’t stop progress. We must be realistic.

Just how much equipment upgrading and health and safety improvement do you think the coal miners will get with the very conservative Republicans holding back on everything?

I lost my job 32 years ago with the Crucible shut down – not for safety and health issues, but, for Republican hoggishness as they wouldn’t spend any money for preventive maintenance, wanting to make more while spending less.

They’ll do the same thing to coal miners.

While being realistic, factually it takes about 500 years for coal to form and the way we’ve extracted it these past 100 years. I wonder what’s left?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see jobs lost – I’ve been there and done that.

Most of the people that I worked with got better jobs when Crucible shut down. Things worked out.

Think how many miners died with black lung, and how many are disabled today. Think of all the cave-ins and explosions, and we just say, well that’s the nature of the occupation. Being hurt or killed in war is the nature of the occupation, not coal mining.

With Republicans in office, the above will only get worse and that’s the nature of their occupancy. A proven fact.

I implore voters to not turn against the party that helped West Virginians for so long.

Think what Robert Byrd or Jay Rockefeller would say about today’s elections.

Don’t turn our “Almost Heaven” state into a blue state where trying to get things to survive is like pulling teeth. We’ve had 50 years of good leadership, so don’t change that.

Don’t give Bob and Jay’s senator seat to Republicans and be sorry.

John Flara

New Cumberland