Having an impact

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Kimberly Pietsch Miller for her guest column which appeared in The Review on May 6. Her topic, “teacher appreciation,” surely made the day for a host of area educators.

It has been said that teachers do not know the impact they have on a student. It is true that we do not readily or sometimes ever see or realize the “fruits of our labor.” Occasionally, and often many years later, we may be approached by a former student somewhere while out in the community, and he/she will recall vividly something that took place in the classroom or something that was said, something long-forgotten by us. A few current students, may leave a note on teacher’s desk at the end of the year and express his/ her gratitude. It is at this point that the student may not realize his/her impact on the teacher. That brief encounter with a student or that short note left on a teacher’s desk can inspire teachers, more than anything else, for years and have a lasting impact on them and their teaching.

Thanks to Kim, for brightening the day of many educators and for letting them know that they do have an impact. She has touched many with her kind words.

Joanne Matuska