All things possible

Dear Editor:

Never is downtown East Liverpool more beautiful then late at night when all the streets are deserted. The Carnegie Library dome stands out like a beacon while the old school clocktower looms over her like a watchman. (pardon the pun)

The beautifully-decorated windows of Steven’s Jewelers, coupled with the lighted windows of Cati’s Boutique and J&R’s Antiques and collectables appear as promises for rebirth of the downtown. Although not lighted, the PC Doctor and Digital Design Studio only add to the score as the owners of both establishments are always ready to help you and or give advice.

Let us not for that icon Bloors, whose staff have you in and out before you can say “Jackie Robinson” – nor C&J used furniture store with its outdoor bins filled with items to delight us that Jerry has found on his travels.

Further down 5th Street the empty buildings, although graced by the beauty of the early blooms of the flowering spring trees, seem to cry out, “Fill us – bring us back to life.”

In what way we ask? Possibly a ballroom dancing studio; an art museum in the empty bank building just like the old 1st National Bank became the town’s Lou Holtz’s Hall of Fame; reopening of the Ogilvie’s building already revamped by Dave could be a mini-mall or the empty rooms could become classrooms for a new school; reopen the cafe’ with its tables spilling onto the sidewalk like a picture of a French cafe.

As the education schools in our town double, along with our own mother Kent State branch, enlarge their offerings so that students find a need to spend a week in town, henceforth calling for rooms or dormitories to house them and places for them to eat.

In my heart, I truly believe that the Pottery City, who has had her hay day, can be changed into a mind expansion, the arts, higher education, and the uplifting spirits of people who take pride in this town and march forward with a positive attitude to make this town come back to life once more.

There is talk of a theater coming into town. Wow! Can you imagine, after watching a good movie people spilling into the streets and possibly stopping at Bricker’s for a bite to eat or an ice cream cone?

Have you seen the movie, “Field of Dreams?,” and that famous line, “If you build it, they will come?”

Do you have a dream? Are you brave enough to take a risk? Yes, it will take some work and research, and letters to apply for grants, but it can be done.

Just work hard, have faith, and pray a lot, for with God, all things are possible.

Susan Copeland

East Liverpool