Use some common sense

Dear Editor.

After reading a recent Letter to the Editor about the smoking debate in Hancock County, I want to share my point of view.

1. The studies on smoking are done by people that don’t smoke.

2. No one left to pick on, because the “health police” have helped to shut down most of the heavy industry in our area.

3. The people doing all of these studies are paid, (no controversy, no need for a study).

4. Most of the “health police” are so miserable they want everyone to be just like them.

If the “health police” are so concerned about our health, they should be more vocal in getting rid of an estimated 10 million illegals in our country

They produce large amounts of carbon dioxide from one end (bad, bad/EPA) and methane gas from the other (bad, bad, bad/EPA).

As I am a 66-year-old man that has smoked about a pack a day for 50 years, I find that the dangers of second-hand smoke as reported by the “health police” is absolutely absurd. I have ran a jackhammer in a boiler that was so dirty I couldn’t see it, worked with chemicals that ate the bristles out of a paint brush, and with asbestos for the last 14 years of my 32 years with Weirton Steel. My major health problem is inflamed hemorrhoids caused from trying to digest the crap from the “health police” studies.

Non-smokers have the absolute right to clean air in an enclosed work area, but as proposed would ban smoking in the tin mill in Weirton which is almost the size of the city of New Cumberland.

If a business has access to clean/filtered air or is large enough to have designated smoking areas and has signs posted at all entrances it should satisfy everyone, except the “health police.”

After a breakfast of bacon, eggs, real chocolate milk, toast, twinkies, coffee with real cream, I was on the back deck enjoying a Marlboro when suddenly I smelled something. “Holy Hannah” it’s wood smoke. I inhaled a whiff of wood smoke. I stumbled into the house hoping I lived long enough to finish my coffee and smokes.

After attending the April 1 meeting of the Health Board, I also have another concern. As I am 5-foot-10 and 196-pounds, I fear that the “Body Mass Index police” may soon be after me and some members of the Health Board. We need to keep an eye out.

With some common sense, we can address the concerns of non-smokers, businesses, and smokers alike

Common sense is one thing the fanatics from various “health Police” organizations don’t have.

As for the wood smoke, it was from a cookout the neighbors had the night before. It won’t happen again because they probably will be dead in a week from eating hot dogs and french fries in the same day.

Edward L. Swiger

New Cumberland