Sweep your own doorstep first

Dear Editor:

Reading a recent front page of The Review, I read opinions of area landlords concerning the agreements the city of East Liverpool and council want to establish. It is a sorry bunch of local management (city officials) and council that have the nerve to force landlords into an agreement or force them, to pay a fee if they don’t.

As an old saying goes, sweep your own doorstep first before you sweep others.

This city is disgustingly dirty – weeds along sidewalks, fire-burnt homes standing, roads unsafe to travel due to no repair, and city-owned property that has long ago been left unkempt.

When was the last time a street sweeper came up into the neighborhoods or downtown?

Those on council ran in elections to better the city. What a joke! They almost immediately granted themselves a raise representing a so-called city in financial doom. If they want this town to thrive, then they need to work with the landlords and not punish them. Or would they rather have more vacant houses to be destroyed (up for sale).

Look to our neighbors in Midland, Chester and the area and see what a clean, safe town can look like before you (city leaders) pat yourselves on the back.

And to the elected officials, please make our town safe again. It’s your town, too.

Joanne Reynolds

East Liverpool