Someone else’s problem

Dear Editor:

People are missing the underlying reason the new East Liverpool landlord plan is being put into place. It is not about improving the housing stock. A simple, fair inspection plan with real teeth could do that. No, the new plan is a classic people-moving plan, with the addition of government bureaucracy to control landlords.

What a mess.

The key is the goal of 100 percent background checks within the city limits of East Liverpool – so that those that fail the test have to live outside the city limits. This gives the illusion of improvement, and sets the city at war against all the neighboring townships.

“Let them be someone else’s problem.”

East Liverpool has some terrible houses – crumbling, ancient houses with mold, ceilings falling in, and foundations cracked or falling downhill. It also has the occasional bad landlord. It does need a real inspection system, that forces real change in the housing stock. But that is very different than a people-moving plan that penalizes landlords and some poor people, all the while sidestepping the real issues.

Carl Buzzard

East Liverpool