Don’t blame president

Dear Editor:

Let’s see if I have this right, the president is a dictator and socialist, and now he’s a commy?

The last time I checked, Wall Street and Exxon-Mobile still had all their assets, same for GE, Boeing, IBM, and every other publicly-traded corporation. That means the government hasn’t seized their assets. Which of course means communism hasn’t quite taken hold yet.

It appears to me that someone’s elevator isn’t reaching the top floor.

Also, the opinion of this paper regarding Obamacare couldn’t have been more off base. The reason only over 70,000 people are signed up is because Kasich and the assembly refused to set up state exchanges. Kentucky did set up those exchanges and they have had no problems. This is the same result in every state that set up state exchanges. Don’t blame the president for this state’s messed up politicians’ lack of doing their jobs.

Steve Campbell