Approve road levies

Dear Editor:

The May 6 voting primaries are fast approaching and the residents of Madison Township will be asked to show their support for two very important issues that affects everyone in the community.

As residents of Madison Township, we, the trustees, would like to draw attention to the renewal levies on the ballot.

The Madison Township Trustees have placed a 0.50-mill and a 2-mill road improvement renewal levy on the ballot.

It is very important to understand these renewal levies will not add any additional dollars to current taxes.

In addition, it is equally important to understand that the money generated from these levies can only be used for road materials, maintenance and improvements to the roadways.

In order to assure the continuation of good road and infrastructure services being provided, the Board of Trustees needs the help and support of Madison Township voters.

Please vote on May 6 to approve the Road Improvement renewal levies in Madison Township. A positive vote will be very much appreciated, and please remember it “will not” raise taxes.

Madison Township

Board of Trustees

Glenn Smith, Chairman