Marked man

Dear Editor:

The top headline in a Thursday newspaper read: “A Marked Man.” This was attributed to Democrat County Commissioner candidate Nathan Walker’s characterization of sitting County Commissioner Mike Halleck.

The article on Walker was full of personal attacks against Mr. Halleck, suggesting that while Halleck was a “suit and tie guy,” Mr. Walker was just a “common man.” He is common all right. Real common.

For somebody professing to be “not comfortable” in a coat and tie, why did Walker submit a photo of himself in a coat and tie? Talk about hypocrisy.

Walker went on to criticize the current Board of Commissioners for not doing anything about a Port Authority board member who had resigned from the Port board but yet secretly continued to serve and be paid. Supposedly, the Port executive director “did not know” about this. In fact, it was the Board of Commissioners that uncovered it, Mr. Walker. Do your homework.

It might further disappoint Mr. Walker to know that the Port board member in question was a Democrat and was appointed by a Democrat-controlled board of commissioners. Gee, was that Halleck’s fault, too?

It all Mr. Walker can spew is the drivel that he gets from his good friend and political advisor, disgraced former County Recorder Craig Brown, then this will be an interesting campaign indeed. Did Craig Brown write your press release, Mr. Walker?

Frankly, it is Mr. Walker that is “the marked man” … marked by misinformation, marked by a basic ignorance of county government, and marked by poor manners. He would be better off advancing something positive about his own candidacy than offering up the personal attacks and innuendo of a neophyte politico.

Larry Long Jr.

East Liverpool