Anyone and everyone

Dear Editor:

Currently, the Mayor of New York City is going to push for a valid ID card to be issued to anyone/everyone in his city, regardless.

The emphasis is on “anyone/everyone” making NYC an official sanctuary city which opens the door to “free-for-all” voting. Should this attempt to secede from the Union prevail, it is only natural for the president to follow suit.

The “fundamental change” needed to correct the unjust founding of America is only moments away. Saying that this is impossible is just typical leftwing heretic blather since the president has acted unilaterally on immigration anyway. Besides, he has the entire (and growing) government behind him.

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission tried unsuccessfully to determine who gets to be a minister for a Lutheran Church.

The National Labor Relations Board (with its unlawfully appointed members) will always side with the union bosses.

The IRS determines who gets free speech and who doesn’t.

The NSA will decide what a private conversation is and what isn’t.

The DOJ already decided that the civil rights laws don’t apply to white people.

The state department decides who is worth the bother to save (refers Benghazi).

The EPA is winning its war on coal so your energy cost continues to rise and the Keystone Pipeline will be scrapped.

Obamacare that was passed with only democrats voting for it has made it illegal for any American not to buy health insurance all the while destroying current plans.

The entire federal government is controlled and operates as a democrat democracy that orders you to “sit down,” “shut up,” and “have a cookie.” Along with this the democrats add, “Don’t worry folks; there are plenty of cookies to go around.” Those cookies were once yours, but the government will redistribute them as they seem fit.

Democrat democracy is unamerican, so win the Senate and hold the House.

William Eardley

East Liverpool