A common man

Dear Editor:

An East Liverpool man wrote a letter to the editor criticizing Democratic Party Commissioner candidate Nathan Walker and myself. He attempted to slam Mr. Walker by calling him “a common man. A real common man.”

I strongly suggest that the letter writer immediately go see The Lego Movie.

In the movie, a common Lego figurine is told that he is “the special” or the chosen one. In the movie, Emmett, the Lego guy, learns that we can all be special and accomplish great things. Emmett comes to realize that being common or typical isn’t a bad thing and that by being common, a person can do great things

When criticizing someone as being common or average, you are saying more about yourself than you are the person you are trying to insult.

We live in a democracy. A working democracy needs the common people to support it, to maintain it, and from time-to-time, to fix it.

Many years ago I had the great opportunity to intern in the office of “disgraced” Congressman James Traficant in Washington, D.C. One thing that impressed me about Traficant was that he always did one thing I never saw another member of Congress do. He always talked to the janitor.

As I entered politics myself, I made a promise to myself that I would never think I was better than anyone else. I promised that I would never forget who my real bosses were. I made a commitment to never view myself as anything more than common.

Sometimes I didn’t think before I spoke. Sometimes I said dumb things, and on one occasion I mispronounced a name. I made these same kind of common mistakes people make every day.

Despite my missteps, I was always genuine. I was always proud to do my job, and I never forgot who I worked for.

The writer from East Liverpool said that Mr. Walker was my friend, and he was a neophyte. Yes, Nathan Walker is a friend of many people. He doesn’t have much political experience, but he is genuine. He works hard and loves our county.

The letter writer was right. Nathan Walker is common. He is exactly what this county needs.

Craig Brown