Support appreciated

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank Heritage WTI and Columbiana County Port Authority for their community assistance.

Heritage WTI assissted Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department in the disposal of various chemicals that were discovered during the excavation of property that formerly housed Sterling China Pottery.

Heritage WTI agreed to dispose of the chemicals and even sent a sampling team to decipher what the barrels contained.

The department also extends a thank you to Columbiana County Port Authority for assistance with a grant to have underground fuel storage tanks removed and disposed of. Without their dedication to our mission we would have not been able to afford the completion of either of the projects.

The Wellsville Volunteer Fire Department looks to create a community entertainment park, training facility, fire department and community hall from the former brownfield.

Both Heritage WTI and the Port Authority have shown great dedication to the community with continued support of local entities while creating a clean environment.

Again thanks to both for your continued community support and dedication to the citizens in the area that we all live and work.

Jason Smith, president

Wellsville Volunteer

Fire Department